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My “Why?”

Friends have often asked me, “Why politics? Why get involved?”

For me, it’s obvious: My family and my community.

I was born, raised and educated in Waterloo. I attended elementary school, high school and university here. I have lived across our city from Lincoln Village to Laurelwood, Colonial Acres to Conservation Meadows. My wife Shannon and I are now building our family in Eastbridge.


I have spent my entire career in Waterloo: Blackberry to Sun Life, to the post secondary education and non-profit sectors, I understand the industries and stakeholders that make our community prosperous.


I volunteer here, was married here, and am blessed to be raising my children here.


I love our community, but even here I know that for too many families it is tougher to make ends meet. Our current government solutions make it even harder through skyrocketing electricity rates, increased taxes and wasteful spending.


Ontario’s economy was once the envy of Canada and a destination for workers seeking opportunity. Remember when Ontario was a net contributor to Confederation? Today, Ontario has been reduced to a “have not” province receiving equalization payments from others.


I have two children aged 5 and 2 and I am concerned for their future. When they are finished their formal education, I am concerned that there will not be opportunity in Ontario for them to succeed. Whether it be the ballooning provincial debt, the difficult environment for business, or the waste and corruption – businesses are closing, jobs are disappearing and the current government solutions are simply not working.


There is a better way, and I want to be a part of the solution as MPP for Waterloo.

If you share these concerns, this pride in our community, or simply wish to support me based on my community involvement and priorities; I need your help.


The first step on the journey is winning the Progressive Conservative nomination for the Riding of Waterloo. Any resident of the riding aged 14 years or older can purchase a $10 membership and attend the nomination meeting in October. I would be thrilled to have your support.


So tell me:

What’s important for you to see from the Ontario government in 2018 and beyond?

What are you concerned about, and how can your government serve Ontario’s interests better?


Send me your ideas. What’s your “Why?”

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