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International Women’s Day

It is wonderful to witness the growth of International Women’s Day. In many communities, it is often a week (or more) of events hearing from inspiring women who are mentoring the next generation and advocating to remove barriers for women in the workplace, in school and across our communities.   In Waterloo Region we have …

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Ontario’s Electricity Rates and the Fair Hydro Trust

Fair Hydro Trust Bonds have just been announced and are coming to the financial markets shortly.   How does this impact you? This is how the current Ontario Liberal government is funding the 25% rebate on electricity rates. Quite simply, it’s more debt, but on the books of Ontario Power Generation, not on the government’s …

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My “Why?”

Friends have often asked me, “Why politics? Why get involved?” For me, it’s obvious: My family and my community. I was born, raised and educated in Waterloo. I attended elementary school, high school and university here. I have lived across our city from Lincoln Village to Laurelwood, Colonial Acres to Conservation Meadows. My wife Shannon …

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